Chiropractic Benefits

Are you looking for more vitality and energy? Do you struggle with pain from injury? Stress? During Dr. Kells 21 years of practice, she has helped countless patients get their lives back using drug-free and non-invasive treatments. Located in Colorado Springs, she practices effective, cutting edge corrective care. Care plans are specifically designed and tailored to each individual. As a Doctor that focuses on whole health, your care plan may include in office care and rehabilitation, home care plans, and nutritional recommendations..Dr kells sees patients from birth to elderly and focuses on gentle and specific care.

If you are interested in regaining your health and becoming the best version of yourself, reach out and see how Dr. Kells can help you get there.

Conditions that have reacted positively to chiropractic treatment:





Auto-immune Disorders

Back Pain


Post-accident Care

Preventive Care

Sleep Disorders

Sports Injuries