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Are Nutritional Supplements Effective?

Yes, we believe supplements are a great way to make sure you are getting your vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It’s notoriously difficult to maintain adequate levels of certain nutrients and minerals due to stress and depleted soils. Most everyone can benefit from taking additional nutritional supplements and vitamins along with a balanced diet.

However, quality is everything when it comes to taking supplements or vitamins! That’s why we here at Dr. Kells’, DC, Weight Loss have partnered with Designs for Health to bring you high-quality, therapeutic supplements in a variety of synergistic blends.

About Designs for Health

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Nutritional supplements are a great way to ensure you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need to live a healthy life. Order now from Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss!

Designs for Health was established in 1989 and is a trusted brand built by health activists. The company’s values align with that of ours here at Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss in that they believe in holistic, science-based approaches to health. Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss partnered with Designs for Health to benefit you.

Taking these synergistic blends means that you can cut down on the number of capsules you need to take, and they also allow for the best absorption of nutrients and minerals in your body. Get started now.

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About Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss

Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss was born out of over 18 years of clinical experience and her own personal health crises. After developing a plan that achieves both long-term health transformation and incredible results, the secrets and science of her method became the backbone of her weight loss program.

Dr. Kells, DC was her own first patient and she loves helping others lose stubborn body fat. Our program will show you sustainable and permanent solutions to keep weight off and live a healthier life.