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Dr. Kristen Kells, DC, BSc

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This could be you!!

I have reached my goal weight and am still maintaining today! – BrieAnn S

My doctor was amazed at my results – Zulma G

I’m now 6 1/2 months into the program and I’m down over 50 lbs – Sonia M

One of the best things I have done… It changed my outlook on my Health – Larry P

Dr. Kells and her team TRULY CARE about YOU as a person – Monique W

This program is teaching me a lifestyle change that will be with me forever – Joy H


A special message from Dr. Kells


  • Tired and fatigued? Wired and tired
  • Craving carbs, even after you eat
  • Joint aches
  • Annoying belly fat 
  • Experiencing “brain fog” – memory problems, hard time focusing, not as sharp as you used to be
  • Inflammation, joint aches and pains preventing you from doing the things you love
  • Difficulty getting sleep or waking up during the night
  • Pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • High blood pressure 
  • Hormones feeling off
  • Still gaining weight even though you aren’t eating more
  • Exercising and not losing weight


  • Tired of yo-yo & fad diets 
  • Sick of extreme workouts 
  • Ready for a real meal with real food 
  • Discouraged and hopeless 
  • Sick of trying everything and wasting money

It’s time to do something about it. Something that will LAST!

Dr. Kells

I’ve been there, I know the struggles all too well…

I’m Dr. Kristen Kells, DC, BSc, and when I was 33, I weighed over 200 pounds and had given up on finding any answers to get and keep the weight loss. I TRIED EVERYTHING! I couldn’t bear to watch more people subject themselves to conflicting weight loss advice and fad diets. All of these tactics were only leaving people worse off than when they started. Feeling exhausted and stressed out, I knew something had to change.

And that is when I began my journey back to vibrant health! It led to me losing 80 pounds and keeping it off for 20 years!

Dr. Kells has worked with Team USA since 2009 and was the Team Wellness Doctor at the games in 2012 and 2016

With over 23 years of clinical and personal experience, I’ve developed a method that is not only effective and yields long-term results but is customizable for each individual. The science and secrets that I used to get well have become the backbone of our programs.

Now, we are on a mission to help others regain their confidence and achieve long-lasting, healthy results!

Marlitta 2

The service / people working at Dr Kells’ Weight Loss center are superb. They guide you through the process without judgement. They’re knowledgeable and kind. The recipes that they offer are delicious and you never feel deprived. Even after my weight loss, I was able to get the necessary items from the center to keep the weight off. I would recommend the service to anyone serious about losing weight. You can’t go wrong!


Marlitta S.

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Colorado Springs

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Why are the results so great?

Our research shows that 88% of our patients lose weight and keep it off within 5-7 pounds of their original goal. 

First of all, this is NOT your typical fad diet, extreme workout, or attempt at a quick fix.

There are no surgeries or prescriptions and no one-size-fits-all magical fairy dust that makes the pounds melt away (though that’d be sweet if there was!)

Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive, scientific, and research-based approach that lasts a lifetime. We utilize the 3P PROTOCOL*, correcting physiology (chemistry), physical (behavioral), and psychological (healing your relationship with food) This approach takes you through 3 key phases. 

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Rapid Weight Loss

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  • Detoxification
  • Regulate & ignite metabolism
  • Balance hormones
  • Decrease cravings
  • Increase fat burning
  • Alkalize the body


Stabilize Your Health

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  • Stabilize your weight & metabolism
  • Develop sustainable habits
  • Maintain weight with food & nutrition
  • Be empowered in transformation
  • Reintroduce 


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  • Develop an independent, sustainable lifestyle & thrive!
  • A lifetime of love & support!
  • If you ever find yourself struggling again, reconnect with us!

In each phase, we utilize 3 simple tools to achieve the results you desire

  • Clinical supervision & coaching sessions
  • Personalized science-based eating plan
  • Targeted supplementation and treatments using proprietary nutraceuticals developed for your specific needs.
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After many years of dieting and trying different weight loss programs, Dr. Kells is the only one that has worked for me. I have lost 97lbs. feel and look healthier than I have in over 20yrs. This is the only program I feel confident that I won’t gain the weight back. The support and coaching from Dr. Kells and her staff have been with me every step of this amazing journey. I am so grateful for this program and would highly recommend it to anybody.


Julie V.

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STEP 2: During your consultation, develop YOUR solution and journey through the Dr. Kells Weight Loss Experience, identify exactly what it will take and learn about the various financial options available to fit your budget and needs. 

STEP 3: Change your life and never diet again!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Each program is tailored to the needs of the patient, so the cost will vary, but one of those factors is affordability and budget. We strive to give various financial options to make each program affordable. We are happy to explore this with you without any obligation on your part; just reach out!

Something to note, the cost of poor health is often MUCH greater – many patients face diabetes, thyroid disease, joint issues and more that costs them both financially AND emotionally. Let’s redirect those resources toward better health and get a real “return” on that investment!


Phase 1 (REBOOT) will be customized based on your goals.  The final 120-160 days of the program are essential for life. We expect to see serious results in the first phase, stabilize your health in the second, and set you up for an independent, sustainable life in the third. This means you will be empowered to maintain your health and weight without ongoing cost and with lifelong support! 


The short answer is yes! The exact approach and results timing may depend on a few variables that we consider when setting up your program. Our staff includes licensed healthcare professionals including RN, Registered Dietician, Stanford Trained Nutritionist, Movement Therapist, Kinesiologist, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, and many Certified Health Coaches. We have a lot of experience with challenges like these, as we have many clients in a similar boat. Either way, we can discuss the specifics for you during a free consultation to ensure we are confident in the program’s ability to deliver results for you specifically.