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Great Program

The program was easy to follow and was quite affordable. The team was very supportive throughout the whole process. The food that I ate throughout the diet was great.

I really started thinking about doing something when I took my blood pressure at the grocery store one day and was higher than it has ever been. After 20 days on the program it was down to 116/80 and has stayed in that same range ever since.

I’m almost done with the first 40 days and I’m down 21 pounds and feel great.

Tom Peterson

Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss changed my life!

I came to Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss needing to lose weight and regain my health. I was sleeping in 1 1/2 hour intervals, on six medications, fatigued, and needing answers that are not addressed in traditional medical arenas: neuro-transmitter health, hormonal wellness, detoxing, and changing my lifestyle.
What I discovered at Dr. Kells’ Weight loss was a program that enabled me to lose 50 pounds, restored capacity to sleep 5-7 hours uninterrupted, and increased my strength and stamina. After Dr. Kells’ program, my blood test results had my primary care MD asking, “What are you doing to get these results?! You don’t need to be on your blood pressure medications any more!”
Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss has changed my life forever! I am more healthy at the age of 58 than I was in my 30s! Trust her process and you WILL see results!

Deborah Woolridge

Shopping for new outfits

I went shopping for new outfits for two dinners I have next weekend. My dress, jacket, top and pants were all down a size! I’m down 20 lbs.

Kathy A

Achieving better health

In a short time, I have lost over 10 pounds, along with losing aches, and gaining energy and determination! Vive is very supportive and offers do-able approaches to achieving better health. Thank you

Ruth S

My energy level is up

I’ve been doing Dr. Kells’ weight loss program for a little over a week, I have been losing a pound a day! I have done other weight loss programs, not near the results, and nothing that was completely natural. My energy level is up, and no more afternoon fog!

Theresa T

I am losing weight daily

Vive is helping me to live again! Change of attitude, I can do it! I am losing weight daily, exercising, have new energy levels, and feel more confident with every step. I came for my personal care after removing cancer to cleanse and build my immune system and have received so much more. Thank you, ladies! Even my husband came with me and is doing the program! He has lost 30lbs! and I’ve lost 10 lbs!

Merri T

Dr. Kells made it possible

Thanks to Dr. Kells and the VIVE program, I lost 40 pounds in 47 days! This weight loss program has been the best thing for me and I feel GREAT! I am 67 years old and was raised to “clean up my plate,” and old habits have been hard, but not impossible, to break. Dr. Kells and the VIVE program made it possible for me, and I can’t thank her enough.

Phil R

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