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You can practically have your FAT disappear off your body with NO Crazy Dieting or NO Stressful Exercise. These insider secrets are the best weight loss secrets to come along in years- when you are talking about FAST, HEALTHLY and SUSTAINABLE weight loss.


If you are afraid the “Answer” is more complicated than just fixing the problem, let me reassure you, It Is Not!….Its actually easy!! When you schedule your FREE, No Obligation appointment, not only are you going to change your life but you will be able to improve your appearance, your face, your skin, your complexion and even your body shape. I love helping people just like you FINALLY lose that stubborn body fat without pills or fad diets. I will show you sustainable and permanent solutions to keep it off as well!

Safe, Simple and Effective

My doctor supervised weight loss program is completely SAFE and proven to get massive results. Our program is scientifically and nutritionally driven to create Instant results. Much of the general population doesn’t realize that when you are overweight you also have issues with energy, vigor and mental fatigue. In addition, excessive “fat” damages your organs and your outward appearance. All of this will change quickly for after you start utilizing my program. Now you will be able to create the body you desire and the vitality you deserve. Unfortunately the problem for most people is finding a safe, simple and effective program to lose unwanted fat and then keep it off. If that is what you really desire LOOK NO FURTHER because here it is.

Want HELP?
This is what my program will do for you…Quick weight loss without drugs, pills, surgery or crazy changes in your lifestyle. Call My Office NOW and book your one-on-one appointment so you can start to lose up to one pound of fat per day. Since many factors are involved, including age, overall health, body type, and ability to have accountability in being involved in your path to health, you will get a FREE consult with me, or one of my personally trained weight loss experts, to get your questions answered. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, you will look amazing, feel healthy and be more confidence.

It’s a win, win situation for You!!

“Thanks to Dr. Kells and the VIVE program, I lost 40 pounds in 47 days! This weight loss program has been the best thing for me and I feel GREAT! I am 67 years old and was raised to “clean up my plate,” and old habits have been hard, but not impossible, to break. Dr. Kells and the VIVE program made it possible for me, and I can’t thank her enough.”
Phil R., Penrose, CO*

“I’ve been doing Dr. Kells’ weight loss program for a little over a week, I have been losing a pound a day! I have done other weight loss programs, not near the results, and nothing that was completely natural. My energy level is up, and no more afternoon fog!”
Theresa T., Divide, CO*

“I am very hopeful this is going to truly belief changing and thrilled the weight is coming off. So far it’s been easier than anything I’ve done. Thank YOU!!!!”
Teresa C., Colorado Springs, CO*

*Results may vary from individual to individual

“Vive is helping me to live again! Change of attitude, I can do it! I am losing weight daily, exercising, have new energy levels, and feel more confident with every step. I came for my personal care after removing cancer to cleanse and build my immune system and have received so much more. Thank you, ladies! Even my husband came with me and is doing the program! He has lost 30lbs! and I’ve lost 10 lbs!”
Merri Teresa A., Colorado Springs, CO*

“In a short time, I have lost over 10 pounds, along with losing aches, and gaining energy and determination! Vive is very supportive and offers do-able approaches to achieving better health. Thank you, Vive!”
Ruth S., Colorado Springs, CO*

“I went shopping for new outfits for two dinners I have next weekend. My dress, jacket, top and pants were all down a size! I’m down 20 lbs.”
Kathy A., Colorado Springs, CO*

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