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This is a change of lifestyle for the rest of my life

I’m celebrating accomplishing my weight loss goal along with the many other benefits of a healthy nutritional new way of eating.
The unexpected benefits as a bonuses include loving cooking new things with healthy recipes and experimenting new recipe creations.
At 66 I’ve taken up skiing for the first time with my increased stamina and enjoying the outdoors more than ever.
This is a change of lifestyle for the rest of my life that I highly recommend to both young and old.

Ed Doc

It’s worth every penny

I cant believe how much this has helped me on my weight loss journey.
If you commit to following the plan you will absolutely succeed.
It’s worth every penny.

Melissa Sullivan

Overall improved health and confidence

I am so happy with my progress on this program. I’ve lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks!
Even better, I no longer require acid reflux or blood pressure medications and I no longer suffer from sleep apnea.
The program is easy, I have more than enough delicious foods to choose from and I just feel better overall.
I’m loving this journey of overall improved health and confidence!

Kimberly Tate-Graen


Why Lose Weight With Dr. Kells, DC?

Many of our clients express being tired of information overload. The next new craze, blog after blog, a billion health websites with no one to trust, massive contradictions, paralysis by information, and no one to put it all together for them.
Not A Quick FixNOT… a quick fix.Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss programs are designed to equip each patient with the knowledge and tools to not only start your journey to health, but continue it for a lifetime.
Not Surgery Or PrescriptionsNOT… surgery or prescriptions.Your supplements and approach are all natural. The human body is an incredible healing machine. Our goal is not to hinder it with surgery,
Read More chemicals, and harmful procedures, rather naturally get your body back to the way it was intended. We work with top-of-the-line labs to create cutting-edge support products including pharmaceutical-grade supplements, high-potency drops, and dynamic liposomal creams to get you the best absorbency for the greatest results!
Not Pre Packaged MealsNOT… pre-packaged meals.We recommend real food! The best food is whole food. Approved food lists and easy to follow recipes to provide you with real, delicious meals with all the nutrition your body needs.
Not Extreme Workout PlansNOT… extreme workout plans.It’s not necessary to exercise on Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss plan to get great results. For added benefits, we can teach you the right way to exercise to boost your hormones and have you burn fat in just 12 minutes a day!


Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss Journey & Passion For Helping Others

When Dr. Kristen Kells, DC, was 33, she weighed over 200 pounds and had long since given up any hope for effective diets. She couldn’t bear to watch more people subject themselves to contradicting weight loss advice and subpar programs. All of these tactics were only leaving people worse off than when they started. Feeling exhausted and stressed out, she knew something had to change. And that is when Dr. Kells began her journey back to vibrant health, which subsequently led to her 80-pound weight loss.

With over 18 years of clinical and personal experience, she developed a method that was not only effective and yielded long-term results but was also customizable for each individual. Now, Dr. Kells is on a mission to help others regain their confidence and achieve long-lasting, healthy results!

Meet and read more on Dr. Kristen Kells’ story


Although we regularly see people lose 30 pounds or more, Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss is not designed as just a weight-loss program, but a health transformation program.

We address:

  • Toxicity
  • Hormones
  • PH Levels
  • Metabolism
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue

Safe, Simple, and Effective Weight Loss Programs

When it comes to other weight loss programs, the solution is often overshadowed by numerous, complicated steps, strict regimes, and unrealistic expectations. But at Dr. Kells’ DC Weight Loss, we make it easy. After your very first appointment, you’ll realize that you’ve just started your journey to a better, healthier, and more confident self.

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

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Benefits of Your Program

Benefits of Your Program

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Weight Loss Therapies

Weight Loss Therapies

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Lose Weight Naturally

Our clinical weight loss programs are uniquely designed for each individual and backed by nutritional science to create safe and effective results. Excess weight is not only physically challenging to get rid of, but it also has significant impacts on your energy, mood, and health.

At Dr. Kells’ DC Weight Loss, we work with you every step of the way to help you turn things around. We believe that effective weight loss is achieved through healthy lifestyle changes and teamwork!

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