Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a nature lover’s oasis located in Colorado Springs. This 2,480-acre park boasts stunning views of the Front Range Mountains and red sandstone cliffs that give the area its name.

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Visitors to Red Rock Canyon Open Space can easily spend an entire day exploring the miles of trails that link together up to 25 separate rock climbing sites. The trails range from easy to difficult and are perfect for both hikers and mountain bikers. Along with vast open space, visitors will find pockets of woodland where diverse wildlife can be spotted such as elk, deer, foxes and the occasional black bear.
In addition to its impressive trail system, Red Rock Open Space is also home to several natural attractions including a 175-foot-tall red sandstone spire called “The Sentinel” which is known for being a popular rock climbing destination among experienced climbers. Other notable sights within the park include Roach Rock which rises over 500 feet above ground level and provides gorgeous views of the evergreen forest below; this spot makes for an excellent place to rest during longer hikes or take photos on clear days.
Not only is Red Rock Canyon Open Space great for those who want to get outside and explore nature but it is also host to a variety of special events each year such as educational programs, children’s activities, bird watching walks, night hikes and more! In addition, members of the community have access to high-quality camping facilities at no additional cost which makes Red Rock Canyon Open Space an ideal destination for groups looking for a fun weekend away without breaking their budget.
From hiking through lush green forests to taking in breathtaking views from atop spectacular red sandstone cliffs; Red Rock Canyon Open Space offers something for everyone who loves the outdoors! Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or an adventure filled with thrilling outdoor activities; spending some time in this beautiful area will always leave you with lasting memories of your time spent here!

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