The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun in Colorado Springs is a beautiful historic monument dedicated to one of the country’s most beloved humorists and entertainers, Will Rogers. Located in the foothills of the famous Cheyenne Mountain, this memorial was constructed in 1937 in memory of its namesake who passed away just two years prior.

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Visitors to the shrine will be entranced by its unique architecture that mirrors precisely the lines and forms found in nature. The structure itself is made from native Pikes Peak granite and houses an intricate fresco painted by artist Xavier Martinez on its dome representing western aspirations to find truth, justice, liberty and peace. An impressive bronze statue depicting Will Rogers sits atop the monument while several other sculptures of various native American figures also decorate its interior walls.
One major feature of the shrine is its characteristically diverse collection of artifacts which provide insight into Will Roger’s life and work. Among these are original recordings from his radio shows which visitors can hear during tour hours as well as photographs, paintings and sculptures depicting his career highlights such as roping skills, movie posters and more! Various personal effects like a saddle, chaps and hat also help tell his story through physical examples from his own life.
Atop Cheyenne Mountain lies another special feature known as “the temple room” where visitors can enter for some spiritual contemplation if desired. It includes several religious symbols as well as quotations from both Native American literature and scripture – offering a nice reminder that we all come from many different backgrounds but can still join together for betterment through understanding each other’s cultures.
The shrine also has a modern cafe available serving up delicious coffee drinks, sandwiches, salads and more! And if that wasn’t enough there’s even a gift shop where visitors can take home souvenirs or purchase books inspired by Will Roger’s words such as “A Cowboy’s Guide to Life: How To Live Like an American Legend.”
No visit to Colorado Springs would be complete without taking time to appreciate this significant memorial honoring one of America’s greatest entertainers! The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun is truly an inspiring construction filled with history, artistry, spirituality – all coming together to remind us that no matter our differences we are all united through shared experiences like laughter and joy!

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