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How Long Does It Take to See Weight Loss Results?

Most people embarking on a weight loss journey consisting of fad diets and exercise regimes expect to see the results almost immediately. But in reality, the timeline for weight loss greatly differs from one person to the other and will depend on various factors. Before you give up on your weight-loss goals, there are some things you should know about the different aspects that can influence your body’s ability to lose weight. Healthy weight loss requires patience and consistency, but as long as you remain committed to the program, you’ll start to see results before you know it. 

Weight loss results

Physiologically speaking, the rewards of starting a weight loss program can vary from one person to another. While it may take weeks for some people to notice changes in their bodies, others might need months for the same to happen. There are many contributing factors for how long it will take to see results, including:


Your age is important to consider because our metabolisms tend to slow down as we get older. While you can absolutely still lose weight with a slower metabolism, it simply means you may not see results as quickly compared to someone else. But don’t be discouraged! 


Your lifestyle plays a massive role in how long it will take you to see weight loss rewards. This is because what we eat can slow down or speed up our metabolism, directly affecting the rate of burning calories and fats during exercises. Since your body adapts itself over time, especially when changing eating habits, it is vital to have enough patience to wait for the results.

Starting Size

The size at which you begin your weight loss journey will affect how long it takes for you to notice physical weight loss changes. For example, if your body mass index (BMI) is in the higher range, you may lose weight quickly, but it may not be visible right away. Conversely, if you have a lower body mass index (BMI), the weight may be shed gradually, yet the results may be more apparent sooner.

Eating habits

Healthy and mindful eating plays a significant role in how fast your body begins to lose weight. Through careful meal planning, smaller meals more frequently, and avoiding packaged foods, you are sure to see results! If you see results within a few weeks of starting your healthy meal plan, it is safe to say that the regimen is working well for you. Consistency is key with everything you do when it comes to a weight-loss journey!

Carbohydrate Intake

Reducing your intake of carbohydrates causes your body to lose water. This is because the body uses water to store the carbohydrates you ingest. As such, the water loss will make you look and even feel thinner. But you should note that losing water from your body is different from losing fat. Since your body fat will still be intact, cutting down on carb intake should be part of a more comprehensive diet plan for sustained weight loss.

Your Metabolism Type and Speed

Metabolism is one of the most critical factors affecting how long it takes to experience fat loss. This depends on your age and genetics because some people have a slow metabolism compared to others. If you have a more active metabolism that burns calories quickly, the results will come sooner than on an individual with a lower rate of metabolism. However, it is also important to note that this will not be the case for everyone with a slow metabolic rate. This is since one’s ability to burn body fat can only work at its best when coupled with physical activity.


Weight gain or the inability to lose weight isn’t always an issue of the type of food you eat or lack of exercise. What many people don’t realize is that there can be underlying health conditions that affect your ability to lose weight. Hormones play a vital role in our bodily functions, including our mood, our ability to maintain and build muscle, as well as lose and gain body fat. Our specialized lab testing gives us an insight into how your adrenal function, neurotransmitters, and hormone imbalances are affecting your health. We use this information to set up a customized weight-loss plan just for you!

How will our clinic help you achieve your goals?Weight Loss Specialist Colorado Springs

Our weight loss clinics offer cutting-edge therapies that include scientific eating plans, targeted nutraceutical protocols, alkaline water, coaching & support, tools, resources, meal planning, and renew & sculpt red light therapy. These natural therapies work to enable detoxification, allowing your body to shed belly fat, balance your hormones, lift brain fog, and increase energy.

Turn a Quick Fix into a Lifetime Fix!

Your proven intensive program is designed to equip you with all the knowledge and tools to not only start your journey to health but continue it for a lifetime.

The human body is an incredible healing machine. Our goal is not to hinder it with surgery, chemicals, and harmful procedures, but to use nature to get it back to the way it was intended.

Let Dr. Kells’ Help You Out!

If you’re committed to losing weight, having a partner helps you stay motivated. The programs we offer at Dr. Kells’, DC, Weight Loss do not involve crazy dieting fads or stressful exercise. What we offer is a fast weight loss method that is also healthy and sustainable. We understand that losing weight is hard work. With us, your hard work reaps long-term benefits. And alongside losing weight, we help you regain happiness, energy, comfort, confidence, and even a healthier skin complexion. If you would like to learn more weight loss colorado springs tips and tricks, do not forget that Dr. Kells, DC, is here to help! You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (719) 259-0773. We offer the best weight-loss programs tailored to your body type when it comes to fat reduction and body contouring procedures.

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How Long Does It Take to See Weight Loss Results?

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