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Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss changed my life!

Posted on by Dr. Kells' Weight Loss

I came to Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss needing to lose weight and regain my health. I was sleeping in 1 1/2 hour intervals, on six medications, fatigued, and needing answers that are not addressed in traditional medical arenas: neuro-transmitter health, hormonal wellness, detoxing, and changing my lifestyle.
What I discovered at Dr. Kells’ Weight loss was a program that enabled me to lose 50 pounds, restored capacity to sleep 5-7 hours uninterrupted, and increased my strength and stamina. After Dr. Kells’ program, my blood test results had my primary care MD asking, “What are you doing to get these results?! You don’t need to be on your blood pressure medications any more!”
Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss has changed my life forever! I am more healthy at the age of 58 than I was in my 30s! Trust her process and you WILL see results!



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