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Frustrated Active Female

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I was an active 61 yr old, over the last couple of years weight started slowly inching on, I was working out furiously, cardio machines, jogging, walking 5 miles a day, strength training 3x week, yoga 2x week it was consuming much of my day, I was doing 2 workouts a day 1 cardio then yoga or strength training, but still the scales went up, not to mention my fatigue by evening,
Dr Kell’s plan has been a complete reset of mind and body, a whole new way of approaching weight loss. Now, I have taken my life back, I own my time again with reasonable amounts of exercise , mostly focusing on proper eating habits, I mentally and physically feel so much better and it’s an easy lifestyle to adopt, yes I have lost weight and decreased my clothing sizes but I am most happy about my mental clarity and energy as toxins have been removed from my body due to learning clean eating habits, anyone’s body would thank them for doing this, mine certainly has with a new look!



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