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The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need

Set Goals Not Resolutions

It’s a new year, and that means people everywhere are making resolutions to eat better, lose weight, get organized, and be more proactive, among other things. Unfortunately, by the time February rolls around, most of those resolutions have failed or are already on a downward spiral.

The problem with making resolutions is that it puts a lot of pressure on you right out of the gate. Dr. Kells, DC, believes that the new year should be about setting goals, not resolutions. Just saying you want to lose weight is an abstract objective that can be difficult to visualize. Instead, think about setting more attainable and practical goals that help you become an overall happier and healthier you.

Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss Journey

Like so many others, Dr. Kells herself struggled with her weight and trying to find a solution that actually worked. Every diet, fad, and weight loss program – you name it, she tried it. At age 33, weighing over 200 pounds, she was stressed and starting to feel hopeless.

Having been in the shoes of so many of her clients, she truly understands the despair and frustration. After trying so many things herself, Dr. Kells knew she had to reinvent the approach to weight loss, wanting it to be sustainable and the last program you ever do.

How Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss Program Works

As much as you would like it to be a “one and done” situation, it’s not. Losing weight isn’t about dropping pounds and being done with it. It’s about losing it and keeping it off. So an essential part of Dr. Kell’s program is the lifelong backend support. You don’t want to lose the weight fast, only to gain it all back.

The key is to start with the end goal, which is to be healthy and have things like more energy and less inflammation. The constant support you receive helps you work on those things from the start, and then the second and third phases of the program are about keeping the weight off.

The First PhaseHealthy Meal Plan Salt Lake City

The first phase is about making the process quick, easy, and practical.  You don’t have to worry about always needing to cook healthy meals at home; you can still eat out without fear of getting off track. There are certified health coaches and nutritionists there to help you every step of the way. You can text them, call them, and meet with them every day if you want or need them – they are there for you. Having that constant support is what research shows to be a game-changer.

The Second and Third Phase

The program is a whole-body health transformation, not a diet. It’s about building healthy habits and creating a lifestyle that helps you keep the weight off. The first phase is about creating those habits, while the second and third phases are about learning to stick with them to keep the weight off.

Roxanne’s Weight Loss Success Story

Roxanne, a client of Dr. Kells, had a journey that is similar to so many others. She couldn’t do anything and was struggling to find something that actually worked. Then, her aha moment came like many other viewers when she saw Dr. Kells being interviewed on television.

Today, Roxanne is down 48 pounds, and what’s more important, she’s keeping it off! After trying so many diets and programs that didn’t work, and being overweight for 50 years, she is finally happy to be on a program that is practical and easy to do.

How to Get Started on Your Weight Loss Journey with Dr. Kells in Salt Lake City

It’s really easy. There is no commitment required to get started, just come in for a free 1-hour consultation. We do a full body composition and spend time with you to understand your goals so we can create a custom program. From there, you decide if the program is right for you.

The team at Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss in Salt lake City, UT, is really something special. Our friendly staff is dedicated to helping you get started on a path towards healthy living and personal transformation. You’ll get a personalized fitness, nutrition, and wellness program that will help you achieve long-lasting weight loss results. We are here for you every step of the way to guide you using methods that are practical and sustainable. Instead of offering just another fad diet and generalized program, we tailor-fit your plan to match your individual needs and goals.

To learn more about our program and to get started on your personal health transformation, contact Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss in Salt Lake City today to set up a free consultation!

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The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need

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