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My experience was very positive. I couldn’t believe how much food you get to eat. 2 cups of vegetables every meal is a lot. It has been over a year since I managed to reach my goal weight. I go places and of course I eat different stuff and sometimes I gain and others times I don’t. I always thought I had energery but now I am energized so much more and I am always moving. People even comment on how I am always moving. I now know what to do when I do gain weight and so the tools are there in my mind and if there is a problem the staff – ( the wonderful supportive staff) are always available to help you get back on track. This is a life time program not a fad or a program that when you get to your goal you are on your own. They are always there for you and ready to help in anyway they can. It is sooo nice to have such a supportive staff. They are always courteous and friendly. I wanted to loose weight and get healthier, I noticed that as I get OLDER -darn haha -that it seems like it is harder to get off the weight and easier to put it on. This isn’t just a weight lost program but a transformation. If you want a positive change in your health that will last a life time, check it out and go for the consultation.



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