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Forever Grateful

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What a partnership! I am so impressed with the wholistic approach and the support provided. Of course it’s about the scale, but the psychological aspect provided by the Motivational Monday sessions are just as valuable. I receive important information via the videos, share recipes and have made new friendships on the social media site, and I can’t say enough about the counselors at the office! They are right on top of where I am in the journey to let me know what to expect. I get quick responses and never feel intimidated about reaching out. The fact that they receive ongoing education tells me a lot about Dr. Kells and her commitment to her program.
As someone nearing 70 I was hesitant but my menopausal middle is slowly dissolving. I have been empowered. I view things differently, can objectively assess and make better choices/decisions that are showing on the scale and more importantly with my self esteem. I have been given the knowledge to move forward and be in control. It’s a great feeling and I will forever be grateful for this experience!



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