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Motivation & What to Do When It’s Gone

Motivation is a controversial topic. It’s a constant battle between wanting something and not wanting to take action on it. 

We all strive for success and want to do our best in whatever it is we’re working on – but what happens when motivation runs dry? When you feel like there just isn’t any energy left, how can you find the drive to keep going despite your flagging enthusiasm? Today we are bringing you scientific research, as well as popular topics from professional motivational speakers, to help teach you how to harness the power of discipline. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips and strategies for getting back your balance and staying motivated no matter how difficult things get. With a few changes in mindset, discipline, and self-care habits, you, too, can foster lasting motivation for day-to-day life tasks.

As your medical weight loss clinic, here’s what you should know.

What Is “Motivation”?

Motivation is a set of reasons that spur an individual to action. It can be personal, such as health goals or career-driven, and it often stems from emotional and cognitive needs. One may be motivated by the desire to achieve a particular goal, such as winning a championship or learning a new language. Alternatively, motivation could be driven by external rewards such as money or recognition. Regardless of the cause, effective motivation requires self-awareness in order to identify what inspires you and have enough focus to commit to your objectives.

  • The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.
  • The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way (the Big Why).
    • When we mention this definition, everyone’s minds go to something easy that brings them joy. It’s the easy things that are mindless.

Does Motivation Bring Us Growth? Does That Get Us to Our Goals?

Motivation can be a powerful tool to help us grow and reach our goals. Growth is an essential part of self-improvement and development, so it’s important to find ways to motivate ourselves in order to stay on track. When we focus our energy and intention on specific goals, we are able to push past mental blocks and thought patterns that have been holding us back in the past. Motivational tools such as visualizing success, setting small daily goals, and surrounding ourselves with positive people can help us stay motivated and reach our goals more efficiently. Overall, motivation is a key factor in growth, as it serves both as a trigger for the necessary changes we need to make as well as an eternal reminder of why we must never give up on our dreams.

With that said, “A Big Misconception is that you need to be motivated to get rolling. You don’t. Research: Motivation often FOLLOWS action, not the other way around. In practice: You don’t need to feel good to get going; you need to get going to give yourself a chance at feeling good.” – Brad Stulberg.

Many of us are operating in less-than-ideal circumstances — dealing with illness, financial stress, work anxiety, and a lack of child care. Overcoming the inertia of languishing requires fierce self-discipline — and fierce compassion for oneself. You may think of these two qualities as opposites, but they are not. Research shows that being kind to yourself during hardships and challenges can increase resilience and strength. Opinion | The Best Cure for Languishing: Behavioral Activation – The New York Times (

What Can We Do When Motivation Is Lacking?

It’s a familiar feeling to many of us – that dreaded lack of motivation. You have an important deadline to hit or a goal you need to reach, yet you just can’t seem to summon the willpower and mental energy needed. Maybe this is something you’re experiencing in your job, your studies, or another aspect of life – whatever it is, it’s probably feeling pretty overwhelming right now. It doesn’t have to be like this, though; there are some concrete steps we can take towards rediscovering our lost motivation and getting back on track with reaching our goals. Here’s what you can do:

Discipline:Weight Loss Help South Salt Lake

It is common to encounter times in life when motivation starts to fade away, but this doesn’t mean that you can give up. Discipline is key when these moments arise; it will help you push through difficult times and keep progressing toward achieving your goals. It requires self-control and the utmost resilience, as well as the ability to tune out distractions and stay focused on what matters most. Establishing a disciplined lifestyle and developing healthy habits can make a huge difference, even if gaining momentum off the bat seems impossible at times. Discipline gives us strength, so never forget its importance when inspiration is lacking.

Changing “Rituals” or “Processes”:

It is normal to feel unmotivated from time to time when working on tasks that have become repetitive or monotonous. To rejuvenate your enthusiasm and passion for the task at hand, it is essential to give yourself a change of pace by altering your existing rituals or processes. This can be achieved by breaking up the task into smaller steps and approaching them one at a time or by introducing new activities to gain a fresh perspective on the challenge in question. Reorganizing your regular routine into something unfamiliar can open up creative possibilities, reduce stress, and help you tackle the task with newfound vigor and productivity. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something different – you may be surprised at how reinvigorating it can be!

Reachable Goals:

When the motivation for our goals or projects begins to fade, it is important to set smaller, more achievable goals. This can help us keep going and even refocus on the primary goal by breaking it down into mini-goals that are more manageable. Setting reachable goals (short-term & long-term) allows us to take small steps toward achieving something bigger while feeling accomplished as we move forward. Keeping track of what has been achieved can be motivating too, so don’t forget to celebrate progress along the way! Doing this helps us stay optimistic in order to reach our objectives and continue doing our best work.

Ultimately it’s a decision of whether you want to be an object acted upon or an agent unto yourself. We encourage you to revisit these ideas or this call specifically often; these are things you may need to continue hearing over and over again throughout your life. 

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Motivation & What to Do When It’s Gone

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