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Dr. Kells’ healthy eating lifestyle makes a difference

Posted on by Dr. Kells', DC, Weight Loss

What a difference Dr. Kells’ eating healthy lifestyle has had on me physically. In years past I was a regular donor of platelets, and a good donation of platelets was a clear dark yellowish color and I easily could provide two units of platelets per donation.

Now fast forward to me being 50 to 60 pounds overweight, and I donate platelets but I am only able to produce one unit of platelets because there is so much fat in my blood. The machine that removes the platelets from your blood has a hard time telling the difference between platelets and fat and my platelet donation looks cloudy and whiteish. When I started having poor platelet donations I went to my doctor and he prescribed a medication (Gemfibrozil) to help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides (fatty acids) in the blood, which didn’t help much with my platelet donation.

Now fast forward again twenty-one days into my journey of doing Dr. Kells’ healthy eating lifestyle and I’m not taking any medication and I go to try and donate platelets and I’m able to produce two units of clear dark yellowish platelets – YES! I’m on day 36 and I have donated platelets twice and I’m excited to give back to those cancer patients who need platelets, it feels good knowing my body is healing itself from eating healthy – I feel great. Thanks to all those who are helping me on my journey.



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