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Well worth it!

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My mother introduced me to Dr Kells’ program over a year ago. On July 2018 my family and I went to visit my mom & dad in Colorado and I scheduled my appointment. Everything was carefully explain to me and considering that I came from out of state having access to their office via text is amazing. I continuously receive helpful recipes and wonderful support. I don’t think I could’ve managed to lose the first 30 pounds as quickly as I did. The addiction to sugar and carbs was the hardest. After five months since I started the program I had my physical. My blood work was excellent & my weight-loss was down to 40 pounds at that time. My doctor was amazed at my results. Also I no longer have joint pain. Makes it easier to go about my day to day and my energy is high.

My thanks to mom, Dr Kells and her entire staff! 👍



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