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Weight Loss Clinics Salt Lake City

Welcome to Your Clinic. We Do Weight Loss Differently.

Salt Lake City Location Office

We are a weight loss service that delivers results in a natural, healthy manner without promising miracles.

When you’re with us, the Dr. Kells, DC team, you have a partner that roots for you every step of the way. We deliver fast solutions tailored to your specific needs and body type.

We don’t lie, weight loss is not easy. It’s work that you have to spend a lifetime doing. Our approach is to turn your weight loss journey into a series of milestones to give you a greater sense of accomplishment. The benefits from this program extend beyond managing your weight into all areas of your life.

A holistic approach means that we consider more than just what the scale says. We consider the entire scope of your well-being.

Plan Ahead for Results that Stand the Test of Time

You have your own ideals, and they probably vary from the next person. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or just start better habits; we help you meet any goal.

Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss program focuses on making you healthy for life, not simply losing a few pounds to a yo-yo diet.

Our team includes real doctors who are committed to doing things right. You lose weight without resorting to surgery, taking harmful drugs or drastically changing your life.

Salt Lake City Weight Loss Clinic

Dr. Kells’, DC, Weight Loss Clinic Salt Lake City

Get control of your life through proper living

You’re a unique individual. Your age, body type, and many other factors all combine to give you unique gifts and to create challenges to weight loss. When you come to Dr. Kells we sit down with you for a free consultation to learn what makes you you.

We work with you to help you become healthier. Your reward for this is a better sense of self-esteem, boosted energy levels, and a more positive body image.

Dieting alone doesn’t get you where you need to be. Our process consists of three distinct phases, each adjusted to your body: Reboot, Retrain, and Reclaim.

It’s Time to Put the Focus Back on You

In today’s modern world, we all have to wear many hats. Does it ever feel like you’re a caretaker first, and yourself second? While it’s noble to take care of others, it’s not okay when this pushes your health into last place. We understand how busy you are, and we’re here to encourage you to take some “me time” to cover the essentials.

Our methods for weight loss are backed up by legitimate science and testing. They’re based on your own life experience and body chemistry. You get results without invasive surgery so there’s no down time.

Dr. Kells’ programs are designed to help you start seeing results right away, and for those results to last. They keep you accountable while also feeling supported in your efforts.

At our weight loss clinics you never get a simple cookie-cutter worksheet, but something that’s unique to you alone.

A doctor keeps in contact with you to ensure that you’re working as hard as you can. If there’s an issue, they can realign the profile to better suit your new circumstances.

Dr. Kells is your personal weight loss clinic. No one works as hard to understand your situation as intimately as we do. We’re compassionate, respectful and sensitive.

Dr Kells Weight Loss Salt Lake City Office Entry

We address:

  • Toxicity
  • Hormones
  • PH Levels
  • Metabolism
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue

Plan. Improve. Sustain.

Our team are all experts that are trained in scientific eating plans, targeted nutraceutical protocols, alkaline water, coaching & support, tools, resources, meal planning, and renew & sculpt red light therapy.

Our program includes lab testing to give us a better picture of your overall makeup. We can get a snapshot of your hormonal balance, adrenal function, neurotransmitters and more.

These natural treatments allow the body to remove toxins, burn fat, balance hormone levels, increase mental clarity, and boost physical energy.

We’re experts at losing weight fast because we’ve already done it!

Dr. Kells developed her weight loss programs based in part on her own life experiences. She knows that it’s mroe than simply following the latest trends in dieting, but aligning your life according to a devotion to fitness and healthy choices. The methods in this process include cellular detoxification, supplementation, and more. Do they work? You can see the results for yourself in the results that our clients and we on the Dr. Kells team have experienced.

Your weight loss clinic should be different. Call us to change your life today.

Common Weight Loss Questions

How many calories should I consume to lose weight?
The number of calories you need to consume to lose weight depends on several factors, such as your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level. However, a general guideline is to create a calorie deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. You can achieve this by reducing your calorie intake or increasing your physical activity.
What type of exercise is best for weight loss?
A combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training is most effective for weight loss. Cardiovascular exercise helps to burn calories and fat, while strength training builds muscle mass, which increases your metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories even when you’re not exercising.
How often should I weigh myself?
It’s recommended to weigh yourself once a week, at the same time and under the same conditions, such as in the morning after using the bathroom and before eating or drinking anything. However, remember that your weight can fluctuate due to various factors, such as water retention or muscle gain, so don’t get discouraged by minor fluctuations.
What are some healthy foods that can aid in weight loss?
Foods that are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats can help you feel fuller for longer and reduce your calorie intake. Examples include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins such as chicken and fish, nuts and seeds, and legumes.
How can I stay motivated to lose weight?
Set realistic and achievable goals, track your progress, celebrate your successes, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you have setbacks. Surround yourself with supportive people, and find ways to make healthy eating and exercise enjoyable, such as by trying new recipes or workout routines. Finally, remember that weight loss is a journey, and it’s important to focus on overall health and well-being rather than just the number on the scale.

Dr. Kells' Weight Loss

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